piatto tipico zicorie

It has to be said of the particularity of the party celebrated, at the end of April, in honor of the 'Zicoria'. Making possible to live a week-end rich in gastronomy, moreover,

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High altitude's flavors

sapori alta quota

In the month of July, within the astonishing colours of the National Park of the Stelvio, along a path which takes a look at some of the Malghe (high altitude cottage-mews)

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Surely one of the main events and one of the most expected in Rabbi's Valley is the Desmaljiada, that's the descent of cows and sheeps from the mountain pasture.

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Feast of San Bernardo

sagra s.bernardo 176

Among the rural feasts in Rabbi Valley, S. Bernardo's one is truly the most interesting. As an occasion for the tourist to face the customs of the place, the gastronomy

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Valley of nativity scenes


During Christmas time, in all the three villages in the Valley, illuminated paths lead the tourist through the discovering of nativity scenes. Paths which permits to enter into

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Every year, thanks to the effort made by the young to organise the event, the Rabbi Grand Carnival takes place. The ornamental floats parade down the whole length

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