Stelvio national park

For many years Stelvio national park has been taking care of the Coler’s area by creating paths, thematic trails, info/didactic points and playgrounds inspired by the love for nature and by wild animals.
Traffic free zone, this is a real oasis of peace, perfect to relax, enjoy the beautiful view of Cima Sternai and go for walks in the woods. It is also the point of departure of one of the most beautiful hiking trails of the region: a shuttle bus takes you to Malga Stablasolo, where the trails start. Enjoy the view of the amazing Saent falls, continuing to the “Valley of the Marmots”, where it is possible to visit a small museum and then walk up to the “Scalinata dei larici monumentali”-
In order to get to know better all the trails of the area and to spot wild animals more easily, once a week Maso Coler offers a free guided tour: guests will be guided by a retired forester ranger, expert of the mountains of Rabbi.