Let’s eat!

Breakfast consists of a rich buffet: homemade sweets, fresh bread with butter, jam, honey, yoghurt, muesli, milk, coffee, tea, cured pork meats and typical cheese. 
For lunch it is possibile to eat outside in the Maso Coler’s pic-nic area, for dinner you can choose “Rifugio Fontanino”, a typical restaurant in the whereabouts. An evening at the “malga” is suggested: there you can taste the flavours of the past, such as “polenta and spezzatino” (polenta and culin stew), “tortei de patate” (potato-based traditional dish) and lots of dairy products. “Malga Stablasolo” and “Malga Fratte Bassa” are not far either. In the Valley there are a lot of other alpine huts where it is possible to eat. The kitchen of “Maso Coler” is available upon request.
Peaceful and surrounded by green meadows, Maso Coler has its own garden, solarium and a wide picnic area delimited by the wood and by a stream.