Who are we

Since I was a child I used to spend the most exciting moments of my childhood with my family at “Coler”. Even if it was a place where to work the land and to accommodate the cattle during several moments of the year.
In July the dance of pitchforks and rakes began: in the sweet-smelling farmstead the fragrant and tender grass became hay. Then, in autumn, the cattle was grazed and milked. While the larch yellowed outside, the pure white milk was transformed in the tender “casolet”. With a pipe in his mouth someone mixed the polenta, and, at the end of the day, we use to chat together around the fireplace.
The affection for my land and the love for nature have persisted throughout my whole existence. I am so attached to “Maso Coler” that I decided to bring it back to life, by protecting its green areas and by breeding donkeys, sheep and lambs. I hope that “Maso Coler” could give you a unique experience in the heart of the Alps. 

Franco Mengon