Alpine Skiing


A highly practiced activity in Val di Rabbi, in winter, is alpine skiing: climbing of the slope on the ski with seal leather on and descent in clog snow returning to the bottom

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Snowshoes Excursion

racchette da neve 1

Getting a pair of "Ciaspole" (snowshoes in local dialect) and walk into the wood covered by a blanket of pure snow can be an unforgettable experience. At day or at night

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Those who feel reckless can't miss iceclimbing in the valley of Valorz. The frozen waterfalls create the perfect environment for practicing this sport reach in emotions as well as the impressive scenario.

Cross Country Skl


In "Plan" locality there is the opportunity to access the cross country skiing track: a ring of 5 km, of which 2 km are enlightened at night for evening practice.



The immense vastity of fields in the valley transforms in a sleigh slope for breathtaking slides during the winter. A simple pastime for anyone, age regardless, dedicating an afternoon dipped into nature.



Only 15 km far away are situated the ski lifts of the nearby Val di Sole, an important ski resort with more than 60 km of slopes. The cable cubicle DAOLASA - VAL

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